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LED Lighting Upgrades

C-efficient LEDs – Under the Victorian Energy Saver Incentive, you can have your lighting switched over to LED completely FREE. We use the most qualified and professional electricians to install your new lights, who will be on hand to provide advice to help you with the transition.

We use high-quality tested LED options that will save you money and cut your energy consumption. Benefits of LED Lighting:

● LEDs are safer – they run over 200°C cooler than traditional halogens
● LEDs last up to 10 times longer than halogens, more than 10 years in some cases
● Energy Efficient LEDs can save you up to 80% on your lighting bill
● Upgrade existing GU10 fittings from halogen to LED

High Bay Lighting

For higher ceilings, usually, a minimum of 3 meters, High Bay Lighting is the most common. Non LED High Bays are expensive to cost and generate high amounts of heat. Making the move to LED High Bays is a smart investment and here at Solarcell, we use the latest technology with a large range of products to suit most business needs.

Solarcell is confident of the Lumen capacity delivery and exceptional quality and spread of light. Our supplier LED High Bays directs 100% of produced light to ground level. If you have any questions we can have one of our technicians to speak to you, just fill out the Contact form.


Compliment your Solar System with Battery Back-Up! Battery Back-up is a powerful way to optimise your solar system, whether it is one already installed, or forms part of a design for your new solar solution for home or business.
Enjoy the benefits of Solar at night time with the additional energy generated by your solar system during the day and stored to your Battery Backup System. Excess power you generate can also be sold to the grid earning you a credit on your power bill.
Essentially, you are completely energy independent, free even from power outage as your system automatically identifies and switches to the battery supply for continued uninterrupted power.


The switch to solar is easy and stress free when you know you’re working with an accredited team with decades of experience. Our process from design to install, completion and after sales support is created with you as our priority and the perfect end result as our goal. Simply get in touch to book an initial consultation where we will review:

● Your current energy usage.
● Orientation and geographical landscape of your block.
● Size and structure of roof structure.
● Initial recommendations for the type of solar/battery system best suited to your circumstances.
● Answer any questions you may have.